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Gary Davidson

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Gary grew up in Vancouver but escaped to rural BC at his earliest opportunity.  His passion for birds began while on a camping trip near Pemberton in the early 1970's.   He earned a degree in Mathematics, and a teaching degree from UBC in 1973.  His 32 year career as a teacher began in Fort Nelson, but most of those years have been in Nakusp in the West Kootenays. 

While in Fort Nelson he had the good fortune to meet Tony Erskine, who was doing field work in the area.  Gary credits Tony for turning him into a "real" birder.  At the conclusion of Tony's work in the area, Gary co-authored a paper on Birds of the Fort Nelson Lowlands with Tony.

Since moving to Nakusp, Gary has accumulated an extensive data base of birds of the West Kootenays; the Birds of B C project drew heavily on Gary's data contributions. 

During his 30 years in Nakusp, he has made four trips to Australia.  Twice to teach for a year; once to just travel and relax with his wife Marie; and once to work as a tour guide at Lotus Bird Lodge in North Queensland.  Gary has birded extensively in many parts of Australia and has a life list there of over 520 species. 
Within North America, Gary has traveled to many parts of Canada and the US in pursuit of birds.  He was the first chair of the British Columbia Field Ornithologists Bird Records Committee, a position he held for several years.

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